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Carbide Saws / V-Cut Saws

Solid Carbide Saws used for precision slotting applications. Suitable replacement for HSS saws.

Carbide Saws are custom designed to suit your requirements.  We also supply solid carbide saw blanks and Solid Carbide PCB V-Cut Scoring Saws.  The very highest quality carbide cutters available, ensuring precision scoring and long service at low cost.

Carbide v-cutters are specially made for PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

v-grooving, v-slotting, v-scoring with or without locating holes.

All Saws are Custom made to order:

  • Ø32mm Minimum, Ø250mm Maximum.

  • 0.1778mm Minimum Thickness.

  • Tolerances on thickness is +/- 0.0025mmTIR within 0.005mm.

  • Bore Ø as required.

  • Dished are standard, (Side Relief).

  • With/Without Boss Optional.

Number of teeth are determined by saw diameter and material being cut.
They can also be supplied with/without keyway.

Scoring Saw.png
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