FMA02 Series

• Diameter range Ø50 – 125 mm

• For steel, stainless steel, cast iron, nonferrous

metals and heatresistant alloys

• Milling cutter with positive, soft cutting


• Wide pitch



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Code Description Price Quantity
FMA02050A22SE1203-ZC FMA02-050-A22-SE12-03 Face Milling Cutter 50 Z=3;
£118.41 (exc VAT) per each
£142.09 (inc VAT)
FMA02063A22SE1204-ZC FMA02-063-A22-SE12-04 Face Milling Cutter 63 Z=4;
£136.26 (exc VAT) per each
£163.51 (inc VAT)
FMA02080A27SE1204-ZC FMA02-080-A27-SE12-04 Face Milling Cutter 80 Z=4;
£155.06 (exc VAT) per each
£186.07 (inc VAT)
FMA02100B32SE1205-ZC FMA02-100-B32-SE12-05 Face Milling Cutter 100 Z=5;
£183.25 (exc VAT) per each
£219.90 (inc VAT)
FMA02125B40SE1206-ZC FMA02-125-B40-SE12-06 Face Milling Cutter 125 Z=6;
£247.15 (exc VAT) per each
£296.58 (inc VAT)